Friday, 28 February 2014

bobo yap 21st birthday

photo taken from SONY nex 5r 
Regalia Residence view .


FROM LEFT Leana , Jessica , Maggie (me) muahaha

full of kitty on BOBO 21st birthday . so cute!
when i'm taking this photo , i wish i have a long body like her :)
say CHEESE~  i just omg i spot out my boobs ,because the petite cutting from ASOS . but i miss out the theme colours of the birthday party . should be wearing white and pink . but i'm black and white .

Rice.. buy a durian home cake to BoBO . we know that not everyone love durian . so we decide to stay in the small room enjoying the delicious durian cake .yum~~
look at our happy face .
(messy room) fighting for the cake . (laugh)
zoom in . the cake is soft & full of durian .but is the lower layer can be softer is must more better.

act like very high !lolz
group photo of the girls ,from left : Vivi chen , Rice hing ,birthday girl BoBo yap, Leanna Kei , Jessica Choo , Maggie Mah ((ME)).

another cake which is for everyone celebrate to BoBo.

the men of her ,today really *san fu sai*

happy girl . wish you all the time be lovely together with Titus ting and money enough use :)

boys group. ( name:not sure for some of them )

Thursday, 27 February 2014


Jovfyln is my best friends she meet me on my secondary school . today it was her important day of her life. i'm become her bridal makeup artist and hair do for her too.. i didn't think about (y all of my best friends are married so earlier ?) i think they didn't love me much (i think) bla~ 
>< ''' but i know what can i give her is to make her look like a princess (pretty lady ) 
haha` i hope she will keep on to be pretty .

this is a special day , i just came back from outstation work of makeup job . 
just sleep two hours then i rush to her house (but just nearby my house) haha!
the special is i have to become jimui (sister of bride) as well. 
so normally after morning makeup and hair do done , i will wait before the groom reach then i will ciao .. but today i have to stay with my sis Jovfyln whole day .
i'm not lazy to shout out this word .. because i will not enough time for myself to be prepared . (time is not enough to use )

she is waiting her husband come in to get her out (hahaha laugh)

all the photo are capture by myself using SONY  nex filter and no edit .

yes !this is the work i make for her . the hair inspired from gaga look actually~ lol
(i think can be better)